Timeless men’s pyjamas

A classic fit and timeless style characterise this pyjamas set made of Beltrami Autentica Fibra di Legno (Genuine Wood Fibre), with tailoring details and finishes making it unique.

Powerfully soft, it gives the skin the feeling of being in direct contact with nature for a natural, intimate and rare experience.

Essential Satin weave 100% genuine Autentica Fibra di Legno Beltrami (Wood Fibre)

Colour: White / Cream / Ice grey

Satin Jacquard weave 100% Beltrami Autentica Fibra di Legno Beltrami (genuine wood fibre), Caravaggio pattern

Colour: White / Cream

100% Autentica Fibra di Legno Beltrami (genuine wood fibre):

  • Luxurious, ultra-soft and sustainable fabric
  • Pleasant on the skin in every season, thanks to its thermoregulation properties
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • The yarn is resistant and, wash after wash, its qualities are enhanced, so that the fabric retains its unique beauty over time

From: € 270.00

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