Bath & Spa
The bathroom becomes the place to rediscover well-being

The luxury of an exclusive suite is also measured by the elegance and functionality of the bathroom which can be a real temple of peace. Beltrami has been offering customised solutions for the best hotel and spa in the world for decades.

Historical landmark in sponge production, Beltrami has been able to combine tradition and innovation, using carefully selected materials, made with fine yarns in a wide range of weights, always soft and comfortable wash after wash.

Beltrami Autentica Fibra di Legno, natural and sustainable, born from the transformation of the pulp of northern European birch wood, through an exclusive process, represents the top of the range together with the Madreperla sponge, in Egyptian long fiber Makò cotton coming from contamination-free plantations. The authentic luxury of Beltrami products will transform the private bathroom into the ideal place to regenerate.

Beltrami's Collection

Wood Fibre Beltrami

Very soft and precious, it gives the skin the emotion of a direct contact with nature