Beltrami Linen
Beltrami Linen, unique textile and luxury linen manufacturing with Italian talent

In 1965 Mario Beltrami set up a little business in Cene, a small town in the Val Seriana (province of Bergamo), amidst one of the most important textile clusters of northern Italy. The little company would ultimately become a world-class leading manufacturer of textiles and linen for the table, bedroom and bathroom. Fifty years later, Beltrami is still a world symbol of the finest Italian style and is solidly positioned in the luxury hotel, spa, yachting, banqueting and high-end residential markets.

Beltrami products are made exclusively in Italy, including complete control of the manufacturing process from selecting the finest yarns to hand-sewing in order to make textiles and products of outstanding beauty and durability. The highest possible quality in textile supply and manufacturing is achieved and guaranteed by a consolidated network of top-class suppliers and, ultimately, our fleet of 60 flat looms and 12 terry looms.

Beltrami products are made with skill and care by expert craftswomen in the in-house sewing department in accordance with a stringent production procedure. This unique approach combines great textile manufacturing expertise and experience with the talent and ability to create impeccably beautiful, high-quality products.

Because textiles and linen products are above all a tangible expression of the feeling of pleasure, wellbeing and beauty experienced through their use.

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