Product Care

Beltrami produces superior quality textiles, with due respect for the environment and the people involved in the production process. Each piece of linen is exclusively handmade by skilled artisans.

Beltrami products are made with the greatest care and attention in accordance with stringent manufacturing standards to ensure the customer will enjoy the greatest quality and performance appropriate to the type of textile.

The designs are all exclusive to Beltrami and textiles are made from natural fibres whose material quality is carefully checked, as is the supplier.

OekoTex® certification is a further guarantee of customer health protection. This symbol marks out textiles that have undergone the international research and testing association’s assessment in accordance with its stringent standards for textile ecology to certify that the materials are free of harmful chemicals.

In order to keep textiles in peak condition, you should follow the care instructions printed on the article’s label for washing, bleaching, drying, ironing and professional cleaning.

Each label indicates how the article should be treated to avoid causing any irreversible damage. Following the care label instructions will ensure the textile product will not be damaged, but does not guarantee that grime or stains will be fully removed.

You can always use milder treatments and lower temperatures than those shown on the label. Furthermore, fabric softener should not be used on Beltrami products.

For a clearer understanding of care labels, the following are the main symbols and their meaning.

01-wh The number on the tub icon shows the maximum recommended washing temperature
02-wh A bar under the tub: choose a milder washing cycle (e.g. for delicate or synthetic items) and reduce the load
03-wh The number on the tub icon shows the maximum recommended washing temperature
Handwash only:
04-wh Hand in the tub: quick, delicate handwash in warm but not hot water (max 40°)
05-wh Tub with a cross over it: this item cannot be washed and should probably be professionally laundered
BLEACHING (the triangular icon refers to bleaching)
06-wh Triangle: bleaching allowed
07-wh Triangle with two diagonal stripes: only oxygen-based bleach contained in general detergents is allowed, no chlorine bleach
08-wh Triangle with a cross over it: the item cannot be bleached. This means special care should be taken when removing spot stains: first try the treatment on a non-visible corner of the item
TUMBLER DRYING (the square icon refers to tumbler drying)
09-wh Circle in a square: tumble drying allowed
10-wh Circle and a dot in a square: tumble dry at low temperature (60°C)
11-wh Circle and two dots in a square: tumble dry at high temperature (80° C)
12-wh Crossed circle in a square: do not tumble dry
Not all care labels show the tumble-dryer icon. If there is no square symbol, look at the washing and ironing icons. If these indicate caution, e.g. using a lower temperature, milder washing cycles, low-temperature ironing, then think carefully about tumble-drying.
Sustainable-drying tips:
  • Hanging laundry outdoors saves electricity and money. If you hang laundry indoors, the room must be well-ventilated.
  • Eliminate all excess water before drying laundry. Check the washing icons to see if the item can be spun on a high-spin cycle.
  • Make sure all the items in the dryer require the same drying time. Cotton and synthetic fabrics, for example, have different drying-time and residual-humidity rates.
  • Some tumble dryers have a sensor that measures residual humidity and stops the machine as soon as the drying process reaches a set level. If your dryer uses timed cycles, choose a shorter cycle to save energy.
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and do not overload the drum.
Explanation of natural-drying icons found on care labels if tumble-drying is not allowed:
13-wh Line dry
Line dry in the shade
IRONING (The number of dots on the iron shows the recommended ironing temperature)
16-wh One dot: warm iron (110° C; e.g. polyacrylic, polyammide (nylon), acetate setting) no steam
17-wh Two dots: hot iron (150° C; e.g. wool/silk/polyester/viscose setting)
18-wh Three dots: very hot iron (200° C; e.g. cotton/linen setting)
18b-wh Iron with a cross over it: Do not iron to avoid damaging the article
PROFESSIONAL CLEANING (instructions for professional dry cleaning or washing. The letters indicate the type of solvent)
19-wh Professional dry cleaning with trichloroethylene or any solvent indicated for the F icon
21-wh Professional dry cleaning with hydrocarbons (boiling point between 150 °C and 200 °C, ignition temperature between 38 °C and 70 °C)
22-wh Professional water wash
23-wh Do not dry clean